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We've been featured on Straits Times! Check out the article here:

On 2nd March, we were privileged to be invited to attend the launch event of OCBCCares, the expanded corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme of OCBC. The photo above shows Mr Tsien, the OCBC group CEO, visiting our booth at the event.

Since the soft launch in Dec 2016, the bank has already committed to fund 9 CSR projects at a total cost of $300,000.

One of the projects is run by MINDS, which is to set up the first disability clinic in Singapore. This clinic will be manned by doctors who are trained to work with patients with disabilities, which will greatly reduce the risk of erroneous diagnosis due to miscommunication or lack of understanding of disabilities. For more information, do read up more at the link above.

We're encouraged by the increased efforts from companies in building a more caring and inclusive society. Here's a big THANK YOU to OCBC, as well as Ang Seng Eggs Supplier. :D

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