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Perks of being a bargain hunter

If you are a bargain hunter, thrift shopping is not unfamiliar to you. If you are not yet a bargain hunter, join us on this exciting journey where you will discover treasures. There are lots of surprises we have in store for you because we are constantly updating the collection. The best part - at a price you can never find elsewhere.


Find us at our 4 flagship MINDS Shop in various locations.

All sales proceeds go to our MINDS trainees as allowance.

About MINDS Shop

Valuable opportunity for MINDS trainees

This is where our MINDS trainees get pre-vocational training in retail and customer service.


While being employed in a MINDS Shop may seem easy, it is a valuable opportunity for our MINDS trainees to learn to interact with their customers.

They get to learn the day-to-day operation of managing the store and sorting of goods; and also become more resourceful in making good out of the recycled and unwanted items.

As our customer, you also get to gain a better understanding of the challenges faced by our MINDS trainees.

Donations In-Kind

Donations In-Kind

​MINDS accepts donations in-kind from corporate donors and individuals who wish to contribute. Items donated will benefit the daily operations of our centres, schools and residential home, or may be retailed at our MINDS Shop. We seek donors to only donate items that are in clean and in working condition. The recommended items are listed here.

Donation of Items for MINDS Centre, Schools and Residential Home 

For this mode of donation, items donated will have a direct impact to the beneficiaries, educators and staff in its day-to-day operations through our various touchpoints with our clients.


If you would like to find out more,  do reach out to our team at to find out how you can donate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MINDS Shop about? 

MINDS Shop is a social enterprise managed and operated by our trainers and clients. This retail business strives to provide pre-vocational training in retail and customer service for our clients and equip our clients with skills to be prepared for employment.

In efforts to promote sustainability, MINDS Shop receives these donated items and gives it a new lease of life, while providing a platform for our community to purchase these pre-loved items. 

All proceeds from the sale of items will go to our MINDS trainees as allowances.


What is the process before items are put on retail? 

The team at MINDS Shop work hard in sorting and checking for the condition and functionality of the item. The items are later cleaned and packed for storage and put up on retail at MINDS Shop.


What happens to donated items that are not sold at MINDS Shop? 

Items that are unsuitable, faulty or damaged will be sorted and be supplied to wholesale for export, or disposed by public waste collectors for incineration. Hence, we encourage our donors to donate items only in good condition. 

What items are available MINDS Shop? 

Items in MINDS Shop ranges from apparels, accessories, furniture, household equipment, ornaments, gifts and souvenirs. 

What is the price range of the items sold? 

Our prices starts from S$0.50 onwards.

Please feel free to approach our friendly crew at our shops for any assistance in our shop.

What is the mode of payment accepted? 

Only cash payment is accepted. 

​Will plastic bags be provided after I have made a purchase?

As part of our go-green initiative, we encourage our customers to bring their own recycle bags.

Where are the MINDS Shop located at?

Find us at our 4 flagship MINDS Shop in various locations. ​

Click here to find out our location and operating hours. ​


Please note that the following MINDS Shop does not accept donations:

·       MINDS Shop Plus @ NUTC Healthcare Senior Activity Centre (Redhill)  

·       MINDS Shop @ 29 Rosyth Road (Closed and under renovation) 


How can I make a donation?

You may choose to pass the packed donation items to our staff or place them in the collection bin outside the MINDS Shop during operating hours. For items that are left at our premise outside of operating hours, they can often go missing or be at risk of bad weather.

For monetary donation to MINDS, click here.


What items can I donate?

Items that are in pre-loved condition and are clean and usable will be accepted.

You may refer to our recommended list here.


The items that I would like to donate is bulky, how can I donate?

For bulky items, we recommend donors to write in to us to ensure suitability of donation before making a trip down.

To prevent a wasted trip, do email us at


In your email to us, kindly provide us with the following information to enable us to expedite your enquiry:

-       Model and description of item

-       Dimension of the item

-       Photos of the item


How about fragile and/or sharp items, how can I donate?

The safety of our MINDS trainees are utmost priority. We will appreciate your donation of glassware and sharp items to be wrapped in newspaper and/or bubble wrap and to indicate “Fragile” or “Sharp” objects on the wrapping. This will enable our trainers to identify items to be handled with care during the collection and sorting phases.


Do you provide pick-up and delivery services?

All donation in-kind will need to be delivered directly to MINDS Shop. Unfortunately, we do not provide pick-up services at the moment, hence we seek your understanding that you will need to arrange for your own transportation.

Recommended Donation Items

Recommended Donation Items

Store Locations & Operating Hours

Store Locations & Operating Hours

Please note that all MINDS Shops are currently closed till further notice due to Heightened Measures.
We are currently not able to accept any donations at the moment.  

MINDS Shop @ Margaret

800 Margaret Drive, Singapore 149310

Tel: 6473 1148

Operating Hours: Tuesday and Wednesday

10.00am to 3.00pm (Closed on PH)

MINDS Shop Plus @ NTUC Health Senior Activity Centre (Redhill)

Blk 71 Redhill Road, #01-29, Singapore 150071

Tel: 6473 8223

Operating Hours: Tuesday to Saturday

9.00am to 4.00pm (Closed on PH) 

*This branch does not accept donations. 

MINDS Shop @ Woodlands

30 Woodlands Ring Road, Singapore 737883

Tel: 6366 3966

Operating Hours: Tuesday to Thursday

10.00am to 3.00pm (Closed on PH)

MINDS Shop @ Rosyth [Closed till further notice]

29 Rosyth Road, Singapore 546190

Tel: 62824852

Operating Hours: Tuesday to Thursday

10.00am to 3.00pm (Closed on PH)

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