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At MINDS Contract, our core service is to link you up to our unique labour and production space. 

With a team of dedicated and experienced training officers, our trainees are trained to perform effective and efficient production work. 

What can we offer? 

Quality Control: Our training officers will be on hand to check the work of the trainees to ensure that quality standards are met. We are also proud to say that our trainees do not cut corners at their work as they are extremely motivated and conscientious individuals.

Productivity: Where we lack in speed, we make up in numbers. Through teamwork and a dedicated workforce, our overall productivity is kept high thus enabling us to meet tight deadlines as does any other able-bodied run factory line.

What can we do? 

We are strong in manual production work such as packing, cleaning, assembly, labelling, and sorting. 

Our satisfied customers include Singapore Airlines (SIA), Singapore Airport Terminal Services (SATS), Cisco, People's Association and many more.

How do we do it?

The job is first analysed by our training officers and occupational therapists, to assess if it is suitable for our trainees to work on. Next, the work process is broken down into individualised tasks, in order for our trainees to perform them in a specialised manner. This helps to increase our overall efficiency as a team as each trainee becomes highly productive and skilled for the particular task. It also allows us to build up a trainee’s capability in a progressive manner.

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