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We are looking for passionate and dedicated individuals to join us as Training Officers. 


What is the role of a Training Officer? 


Training Officers are at the forefront of our social enterprise programmes. They provide skills training to enable our clients to develop in the areas of activities for daily living and vocational participation. They also play an important function as mentors and role models for our trainees to develop themselves socially so that they can be part of an inclusive community. 

The responsibilities and job scope are as follows:


  • Train, supervise, maintain and develop the functional skills of trainees in the areas of activities for daily living, vocational, community living, social and recreational participation.

  • Work closely and collaboratively with allied health professionals and families in the implementation of training programmes for the trainees.

  • Engage in volunteer/ fundraising activities to raise public awareness of persons with intellectual disability.


  • Diploma in any discipline with at least 2 years working experience.

  • Certified training in Social Services or Disability Studies is an added advantage.

  • Good interpersonal and communication skills and a good team player

  • Willing to work with persons with intellectual disabilities.

  • Applicants must be Singaporeans.

We are currently recruiting for the various locations: 

  • Woodlands Employment Development Centre (mapapply)

  • IDEA-Employment Development Centre (mapapply)

  • SIA-MINDS Employment Development Centre (mapapply)

  • If you are okay to work at any one of these locations, please email to any of the locations and indicate to us as such in your cover letter.

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